Seeing an escort can be a very special experience that you’ll always remember with a smile on your face. At the same time, it’s important to make sure that both you and the escort feel comfortable with one another and abide by a certain etiquette. By considering the following, you’ll not only make the escort feel more comfortable and respect her, but also make the experience of seeing her that much more pleasurable.

Only call if genuinely interested
It’s recommended that you only call an escort if you’re genuinely interested in her services. Calling or E-mailing her should only be considered if you want to hire her and know more about where you can meet up. Bringing up her rates and the fact that she’s expensive is not a good idea. Be friendly over the phone and remember to also be polite.

Having a brandy or a gin before seeing her is okay, but chugging down 10 bottles of beer before hand is not recommended. The beer breath is not only going to turn her off, but given the fact that alcohol is a depressant, you’ll have trouble reaching orgasm as well.

Even though presents are never required or expected, women do love to receive them. If you want your escort to feel special, then you can get her a lingerie, a perfume or maybe some flowers. You can bet she’s going to remember your gesture and do everything she can to make the time you spend together that much more special. Remember, if you treat her like a lady, she’ll always return the favor.